Make Online Donations - Donate to Charities Using Our APP - JumiaPay

Make an Online Donation to Various Charity Organizations via JumiaPay - Donate Online through JumiaPay in Few Simple Steps.

Make Online Donations via Jumia Pay Kenya

You can now donate to different charity organizations from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is log in to JumiaPay, choose the charity organization you want to donate your money for, then write the amount of money you want to donate, and here you go. Donate online through JumiaPay and your donation will be reflected in the organization immediately.

Donate to African Cancer Foundation Online

African Cancer Foundation is a charitable foundation that creates awareness on the prevention, management, and treatment of cancer in Africa. You can now easily donate the amount of money you want to the African Cancer Foundation is a few simple steps through Jumia Pay.

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